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  • CSX Release Note 1.9.8
    我們現已推出 CSX 1.9.8 ,是次新版本將為你的診所帶來下列新的功能: 我們將會陸續向所有客戶推送相關更新。

Our software – ClinicSolution™

  • Comprehensive clinic operating software fits your practice
  • Provide easy writing of electronic medical note
  • Convenient attachment of clinic photos, lab reports, PDF file
  • Professional drug label printout and inventory management

Our Planning Services

  • Recommend work-flow logic for clinic computer operation
  • Migration from existing paper patient chart to partial / full electronic record
  • Conversion of old / existing patient data set to ClinicSolution
  • Professional network planning and coordination
  • Training of staff

Our Support, Our Commitment

  • Our dedicated team supports the Hong Kong Medical Community
  • Servicing our users, making sure your clinic runs smoothly
  • Ensuring your long-term practicing needs

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Softlink Medical Solution Limited is the leading medical application solution provider focusing on comprehensive clinic platform development…

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