Windows 10 security patch causing major printing issues

Microsoft released a Windows emergency fix (KB5004945) on 6th July, which aims to deal with the “PrintNightmare” vulnerability related to the Windows Printing Service (which is used to connect the Windows and the printer hardware). Unfortunately, this patch is reported crashing printers from companies like Zebra.
Microsoft is aware of the problem and provided a manual fix on the issue. Softlink engineers are happy to assist the clinic in applying the fix.

Furthermore, you can follow the steps below to fix the printing problem:

  1. Open Windows Update via Search or Start Menu.
  2. In the Windows Update screen, click “view update history“.
  3. In the “View update” window, select Uninstall updates to open Control Panel.
  4. Locate the KB5004945 and double-click it to uninstall the update.

微軟於 7 月 6 日發布了 Windows 緊急修復程序(KB5004945),旨在解決 Windows “PrintNightmare” 打印服務漏洞。不幸的是,此修復程序據報會導致不少廠商的打印機無法操作,其中包括了 Zebra 的標籤打印機。
Microsoft 已意識到這個問題,並針對該問題提供了手動修復方案。
Softlink 的工程師樂意為您的診所提供協助,以修復這個問題。詳情請與我們的客戶服務部聯絡。


  1. 通過搜索或開始菜單打開 Windows 更新。
  2. 在 Windows 更新程序中,單擊“查看您的更新歷史記錄”。
  3. 在“查看更新”窗口中,選擇卸載更新以打開控制面板。
  4. 找到 KB5004945 並雙擊它以卸載更新。