CSX Release Note 1.9.4

我們現已推出 CSX 1.9.4 ,是次新版本將為你的診所帶來下列新的功能: 另外,針對早前各收入及交易報告的顯示及計算問題,我們亦已經予以改善。 我們將會陸續向所有客戶推送相關更新。

CS Mobile Update

We’ve an update on the Red CS Mobile iOS app. If you receive the following message when you launch the app. Please get in touch with our customer service hotline for the manual update procedure.

Change of the Service Terms

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective 1 Sept 2021, to adhere to the good tradition of providing ‘holistic total solution’ support for our customers, Softlink support team shall NOT provide service support on any hardware or application that is OUTSIDE Clinic Solution and not procured through Softlink. We have received overwhelming servicing requests in the past few monthsContinue reading “Change of the Service Terms”