Change of the Service Terms

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective 1 Sept 2021, to adhere to the good tradition of providing ‘holistic total solution’ support for our customers, Softlink support team shall NOT provide service support on any hardware or application that is OUTSIDE Clinic Solution and not procured through Softlink.

We have received overwhelming servicing requests in the past few months and over [30%] are issues related to products not related/ supported/ procured by us. Whilst we would continue to adhere to the good tradition of providing ‘holistic total solution’ support for our customers, certain items and products are truly beyond our support and knowledge capacity. This has not only caused expectation issues among our customers but has gradually had an adverse impact on our customer hotline and service level.
We hope to have your understanding that we have come to this decision with an aim for better support for all of our clients, without compromising the commitment to continue to provide ‘total solution’ support.

To check whether your IT products are supported by us, or simply would like to procure through us, please consult our procurement hotline +852 2187 3003, alternatively, please find the list of hardware that we offer support below.


  • Brother HL-L2365DW
  • Brother HL-2375DW
  • Brother HL-2370CDW
  • Brother HL-L3270CDW
  • Brother HL-L8360CDW
  • Brother MFC-L2700DW
  • Brother MFC-L2715DW
  • Brother MFC-L2750DW
  • Brother MFC L3750CDW
  • Brother MFC-L3770CDW
  • Brother MFC-L5700DN
  • Brother MFC-T800W

Label Printer

  • Zebra LP2824Plus
  • Zebra ZD410
  • Zebra ZD420
  • Zebra GK420T (Support cease from November 2021) 

Wireless Router, Wireless Dongle and Switch

  • TP-LINK AC1750 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router
  • TP-LINK N600
  • ASUS AX3000
  • ASUS RT-AC68U AC1900 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router
  • Linksys LGS105-AP
  • Cisco SG95D-05-SG 5 Ports Gigabit Switch
  • Cisco SG95D-08-SG 8 Ports Gigabit Switch
  • Cisco SG95-16-SG 16 Ports Gigabit Switch
  • Netgear Gs205

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

  • QNAP (running QTS 4.2 or above)

For hardware malfunction/support, it is recommended to contact the hardware warranty service provider directly.

Windows 10 security patch causing major printing issues

Microsoft released a Windows emergency fix (KB5004945) on 6th July, which aims to deal with the “PrintNightmare” vulnerability related to the Windows Printing Service (which is used to connect the Windows and the printer hardware). Unfortunately, this patch is reported crashing printers from companies like Zebra.
Microsoft is aware of the problem and provided a manual fix on the issue. Softlink engineers are happy to assist the clinic in applying the fix.

Furthermore, you can follow the steps below to fix the printing problem:

  1. Open Windows Update via Search or Start Menu.
  2. In the Windows Update screen, click “view update history“.
  3. In the “View update” window, select Uninstall updates to open Control Panel.
  4. Locate the KB5004945 and double-click it to uninstall the update.

微軟於 7 月 6 日發布了 Windows 緊急修復程序(KB5004945),旨在解決 Windows “PrintNightmare” 打印服務漏洞。不幸的是,此修復程序據報會導致不少廠商的打印機無法操作,其中包括了 Zebra 的標籤打印機。
Microsoft 已意識到這個問題,並針對該問題提供了手動修復方案。
Softlink 的工程師樂意為您的診所提供協助,以修復這個問題。詳情請與我們的客戶服務部聯絡。


  1. 通過搜索或開始菜單打開 Windows 更新。
  2. 在 Windows 更新程序中,單擊“查看您的更新歷史記錄”。
  3. 在“查看更新”窗口中,選擇卸載更新以打開控制面板。
  4. 找到 KB5004945 並雙擊它以卸載更新。

CSX Release Note 1.8.1

我們將會於日內推出 CSX 1.8.1 ,是次新版本將為你的診所帶來下列新的功能:

  1. 改善常用版面設計,善用空間顯示更多資料
    1. 重新鋪排內容,減省不必要的資訊,令輪候與預約版面能顯示更多的數據;
    2. 微調字體尺寸,方便閱讀;
  1. 引進新的線上文件編輯器,去取代過往的Word plug-ins
    新的線上文件編輯器提供一系列新功能,包括插入圖片,制定表格等,不用依賴 MS Word ,更方便大家的使用。
    注意:舊有的 Word plug-ins 將會繼續支持至二零二一年九月三十日,詳情請向我們查詢
  1. 支援以 ICD 編碼撰寫病歷診斷及跟進
    ICD編碼由世衛創立,目的是對疾病與許多徵兆、症狀、異常、不適、社會環境與外傷等所做的分類。一經啟動,我們的系統就可以支援以 ICD-9 或 ICD-10 編碼撰寫病歷診斷及跟進。詳情請向我們查詢。
    1. 病歷輸入,支援即時搜尋功能
    2. 亦能支援自定義病歷
    3. 注意:啟動 ICD 支援後,則不能使用舊有的醫生詞彙
  1. 支援以香港衛生署的藥物名冊編號,連結藥物資料,主要成份及藥廠資料
  1. 藥庫新增選項,允許系統控制入貨時必須輸入到期日或批次
    如於藥庫選取 “Mandatory Lot No.” 或/及 “Mandatory Expiry Date” ,則入庫時會強制要求輸入相關資料。

    如於藥庫選取 “Mandatory Lot No.” 或/及 “Mandatory Expiry Date” ,則入庫時會強制要求輸入相關資料。
  1. 帳單如設定顯示藥方,則處方數量加上單位
  1. 列印血糖/健康數據時,新增體溫(°C)數據


  1. 修正新增藥物設定後,無法即時於藥庫使用該設定的問題
  2. 修正召回功能未能選擇4年或以後日期的問題
  3. 修正病人於同一時間未能於不同診所進行預約(Appointment)問題
  4. 修正帳單內化驗成本顯示問題
  5. 修正帳單因收費項目名稱過長而導致顯示的問題
  6. 修正帳單顯示藥物數量時,小數處理的問題
  7. 修正撰寫文件時,日期未有預設為今天日期
  8. 修正文件檔名有 “.” 時,未能匯出的狀況
  9. 修正血糖,血壓等資料未有依照儲存日期顯示
  10. 修正顯示中文大學標準體重圖表時,無法顯示數據問題
  11. 修正輸入 </ 於病歷時,會導致無法正確打印醫療紀錄問題
  12. 修正未能刪除病人處方問題
  13. 修正藥庫未能正確搜尋含有 % 符號的藥物
  14. 修正處方藥物時,無法將預設用法帶到處方問題
  15. 修正多次列印摘要標籤時,會導致錯誤顯示藥物成本與售價問題
  16. 修正摘要標籤未能顯示列印時間問題
  17. 修正交易報告時,未能正確排序問題
  18. 修正匯出支出報告至Excel格式時,未能正確依照Excel格式顯示數值與排序問題
  19. 修正匯出詳細交易報告至Excel格式時,未能正確依照Excel格式顯示數值問題
  20. 修正危險藥物報告,未能正確顯示自訂時段內的所有數據問題
  21. 修正危險藥物報告中,針對刪除處方危險藥物後,未能顯示病人編號問題
  22. 修正危險藥物報告中,開出藥物紀錄未有發票號碼問題
  23. 修正危險藥物報告未能正確顯示處方記錄問題
  24. 修正應收帳報告排序問題
  25. 修正管理報告性能問題
  26. 修正開出藥物報告的藥物排序問題,現在以藥物名稱排序
  27. 修正藥物使用報告及醫生收入報告的問題

Company Statement 7th May 2021

Tsui Chi Man (Rap) 徐志文- our ex-staff has been involved in bad debts with financing companies and as a result our colleagues and certain clinics have been under threat and harassment the past days and weeks.
We have taken this case to the Police today for their proper handling.
Apologies for any inconvenience that may have caused due to this standalone incident.

Softlink Medical Solution Limited

7 May 2021